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SamsGirl's Journal

Comics, Spirit, Heart and Soul!

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Come on in…

I’m Sams Girl, I’m an English girl in my late 20's living in a seaside town in the North West of England. I consider myself to be slightly bohemian and eclectic in my views in life, perhaps a little eccentric, but I like it!

I love Comics, Movies (especially Fantasy and Horror), Video Games (Devil May Cry, Primal, Final Fantasy, and Resident Evil). I love watching Supernatural, I adore Jared Padalecki, and will collect just about anything Supernatural or Jared related. I love drawing, both coloured pencil and graphite pencil. One day I would love to get my art published (when I achieve that standard), and would love to work on a graphic novel / comic book series.

I also enjoy writing, and am learning to write comic book scripts, short stories, fanfiction, and maybe one day a novel! I also love dolls house miniatures and am currently working on a couple of projects, one being a camper van style room box set in the third resident evil movie, complete with severed hand! And the second room box I am starting is a wizard’s apartment, I’m collecting some fun items for him, including some beautiful talking pumpkins! (I‘m very excited about those!).

Please feel free to say hello to my either in a message or comment - I love to know people are reading what I’m writing!

Have A Fantastic Day!

Sam's Girl :)

Disclaimer: If I’ve used your image on here it means I love your image! And in my excitement at seeing something I love so much, I forgot to note down where I found it! So if you want your image removing or a credit on here saying the image is yours, just message me and I’ll happily update my page!
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